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from £0.41

Plastic 45° set square.

from £0.80

Card desk set containing pastel pink and bright pink sticky notes, 5 colours of flags and a transparent 4.5 inch ruler

from £1.07

150 sheet memo pad block bound with a metal ring attachment and secured together in a plastic casing

from £1.46

5 piece stationery set housed in clear plastic case including a pen (with black ink), pencil, eraser, sharpener and ruler. Available with transparent case and white stationery. Accessories can be printed please call for details.

from £2.40

Must-have stationery set including tape dispenser, mini stapler, mini hole punch, 300 staples and an adhesive tape roll. Presented in a compact translucent plastic box.

from £2.81

9-piece school geometry set in box featuring a compass, eraser, sharpener, pencil, mechanical pencil, 10 mines (0.5), a ruler, a set square and a protractor.

from £2.90

6 piece stationary set. Includes a jute and cotton case, bamboo ruler, wooden sharpener, eraser, paper pencil and ball pen with cardboard barrel and blue ink.

from £3.00

Hard backed natural fold-put stationary set including a wooden ruler, two pencils, eraser, sharpener, pen, lined notepad, plastic ruler, yellow sticky notes and 5 colours of flags. Available in natural.

from £3.10

6 pieces stationery set. Include jute & cotton pouch, bamboo ruler, wooden sharpener, eraser, paper pencil, ball pen with cardboard barrel and blue ink.

from £3.94

NATURAL eco coloured pencil and pad set. Includes - 12 coloured pencils, Plain White paper notepad, Eraser and Sharpener

from £5.15

This premium presentation box has a magnetic closing feature and a dense foam inlay to protect/present the notebook and pen set. Can be debossed, foil blocked or digitally printed. The pen comes with black ink and can be printed in spot colours or digitally.



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