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from £0.61

1.5m Plastic household tape measure with black stop button.

from £0.66

Handy pocket sized 15m tape measure in a white plastic case printed with your details in full colour.

from £0.70

2m Plastic, key holder, house shaped tape measure (cm/in) with metal ring.

from £0.72

Tailors Tape Measurer with red button

from £0.77

Blake 1.5 metre measuring tape. 1,5 meter round measuring tape showing centimeters on one side and inches on the other. ABS Plastic.

from £0.79

Flexible 1m steel ruler in square shape plastic with keyring

from £0.81

Habana 1 metre measuring tape with keychain. 1 meter retractable, locking tape measure showing centimeters and inches. Slide-locking button locks tape in place. Rubber grip. Metal split-ring key chain. ABS Plastic.

from £0.85

1m tape measure keyring with spirit level, available in three colours

from £0.89

Plastic, 1.5m BMI tape measure, with a white stop button, includes a weight (KG) and height (Mts.) indicator on the front. To be used for promotional purposes.

from £1.27

Measuring tape with carabiner. 1.78 metres long.

from £1.37

2m Calibrated tape measure with spirit level, memo Pad Printed, pen with blue ink and belt clip in a plastic casing.

from £1.54

2m Plastic tape measure with a wrist strap and belt clip attachment.



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