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from £1.24

1 port adapter in-car charger for mobile phone or iPad (USB wire and adaptors NOT included) - for 12v output ports only

from £1.28

USB Hub & 3-in-1 Cables. 3 port compact USB 2.0 hub features a detachable charging cable with 2 in 1 integrated tip that allows you to charge Android or Apple devices. The Type C adaptor is stored into a side slot. Insert Type C adaptor into the tip to charge mobile devices with Type C input. Plastic.

from £1.84

ABS USB hub with 4 ports. Output: 5V-1A. USB version 2.0.

from £2.16

4 port rectangular USB hub with foldable input port.Available in 6 attractive colours.

from £2.26

4 port USB hub in ABS.

from £2.55

White turtle shaped 4 port USB hub with folding legs and a 50cm cable. USB 2.0 connection.

from £2.61

4 port round USB hub with input port inserted inside. Great colour options.

from £2.67

Hopper 3-in-1 USB Hub and Phone Stand. A 3 port USB 2.0 hub, compatible with any USB port. It doubles up as a phone or tablet stand with cable storage. Included Micro USB to USB charging cable. ABS Plastic.

from £2.69

USB with 5 LED lamp and 4 port 2.0 hub in silicone.

from £2.75

Brick USB Hub. Slim brick shaped 4port USB 2.0 hub. Compatible with any USB port. Allows you to charge multiple devices at the same time. Cable length is 15.7cm. ABS Plastic.

from £2.83

Shine 4-in-1 Desk Hub. A 4 port USB 2.0 hub which doubles up as a desk tidy for your pens, scissors and desk accessories. The hub has an integrated cable. To light up the hub, connect it to a power source and press the button. Slide on the bottom is to hold different sizes of phones. Compatible with any USB device. ABS Plastic.

from £2.86

Simple 4 port 2.0 USB in ABS case. Cable length 14 cm.



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