About Code Promotional Merchandise

When we established Code Promotional Merchandise we did so having spent considerable time deciding how are we going to stand out from the crowd. After all, we cannot deny the fact that the businesses nationally and internationally that we would target have a great many suppliers of promotional products that they can choose from.  Could we offer anything unique? Does membership of a professional organisation make an impact when choosing a supplier? Should we be a price-led organisation?

So after much debate we settled on the following as the key selling points for Code Promotional Merchandise.

Marketing Experience & Product Knowledge

The team at Code Promotional Merchandise have a marketing background and so to us it's not just a product. We fully understand that the promotional product you purchase is part of the marketing mix of your business and, as such, must add value to the business through its distribution. So we understand the choice of product is important and must be 'fit for purpose'. So we ask relevant questions. "Who is the target audience?"  "What type of message is being delivered?" "How is the marketing taking place?" By asking these questions we can steer our customers down certain relevant paths. 

But the subsequent questions we ask are just as relevant. "When do you need them?"  "What is your budget?" This allows us then to ensure we quote on a range of suggestions that fit all the criteria. By understanding branding capabilities per product, we ensure that the products we recommend have the ability to carry your message appropriately.

In essance, we believe that by taking this holistic marketing view of promotional merchandise we believe that the potential ROI to your business will be greater than if we just sold you a product!

Product Sourcing Abilities

The range of products we can offer is substantial and the majority of what we sell (in some respects) comes from what we term our standard range. Promotional pens, printed mugs, promotional umbrellas, t-shirts...the list is endless. But at Code Promotional Merchandise we have responded to an increasing strong demand for bespoke promotional products, specifically designed to support marketing campaigns. To support this requirement we have increased our network of suppliers to cover the UK, Europe and now the Far East.  This gives us the scope to find a suitable outlet to fulfil the vast majority of concept drawings that we get sent by clients ranging from international marketing agencies through to new businesses seeking a 'wow' factor to support launch activities.

To give you an idea of the types of products we have sourced in the past we have been able to supply heart shaped cereal bowls, branded insulin pouches and branded injection trainers.

But it's not just about our ability to supply products outside the normal ideas that customers have about promotional merchandise. It's also about sourcing all products at the best possible prices.  We recognise that this industry (as with all aspects of marketing) is not about a direct increase in sales revenues (although this is the aim) but it is about a direct cost on the bottom line. So we use all our experience in sourcing products from the most relevant suppliers, irrespective of location. We can do this as we have in place a series of contacts that can be trusted to source the correct manufacturer in a crowded marketplace.

Customer Service Ethos

The mindset of the team at Code Promotional Merchandise is that we must do all we can to ensure a customer comes back to us for repeat business. So at every step of the interaction with prospects this is at the forefront of our minds.  Have we recommended the best product?  Have we provided a strong pricing structure? How can we make the artwork approval process procedure as accurate as possible? Will the product be delivered in time?  These are all questions we strive to ensure are answered in a positive way.

Of course, we recognise that things can go wrong so we're careful not to overpromise on our capabilities. And if something does happen we believe that if we are honest with our customers and provide solutions to problems, those same customers will see we have consistently acted in their best interests.